Orianne Slater

Name: Orianne Slater

Hometown: Aberdeen

Live: Aberdeen

Occupation: At secondary school

Sport: Women’s Disability Artistic gymnastics

Events: All-Around and Apparatus Masters  competitions

Personal Bests: Overall score of 48.4 in 2019, when I retained my Senior British Champion title.

Name of Club: North East Gymnastics Centre

Coach: Jamie Czop/Sarita Ducaseau

When/how you got involved: At age 10, I started mainstream gymnastics. At age 13, my coach at the time suggested moving to Disability Artistic Gymnastics.

Sporting Highlights: Winning 2 gold medals at the 2019 British Disability Masters (part of the Gymnastics British Championships, Liverpool). Ref:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/scotland/47680760

Sporting Goals and Aspirations: To participate in international competitions

One bit of advice for an aspiring athlete: Be resilient.