Lesley Johnstone

Lesley Johnstone

Name Lesley Johnstone

Hometown Glasgow

Live Aberdeen

Occupation Full-time Gardener at the Cruickshank Botanic Gardens

Sport Badminton

Classification SL4

Name of Club Scottish National Para-Badminton Squad

Coaches Kirsty Flockhart

When/How you got involved 2018 after my amputation. I had played for many years prior to my accident which was in 2010.

Sporting Highlights 

  • Representing Scotland for Para-Badminton on the International stage.
  • Being selected for the Scottish National Para-Badminton Squad.
  • Being selected for the Grampian Athlete Development Programme
  • Medalling twice at the Four Nations tournament, Scottish Nationals and UK Championships
  • Playing for an able-bodied badminton club & taking part in their tournaments (and occasionally winning).
  • Relearning how to walk and run after my amputation after 7 years of immobility
  • Running The Banchory Beast 10k one year after my amputation
  • Medalling twice in the National Wheelchair Tennis Tournaments
  • Being nominated for the Aberdeen Sports Awards Achiever of the Year category in 2019
  • Being nominated for the National Fitness Awards in the Member Achiever of the Year category in 2019

Sporting Goals and Aspirations To qualify for the Paralympics

One bit of advice for an aspiring athlete Work hard and believe you can do it.