A view of the curling rinks all set up with stations for the kids to complete

School events in Grampian have seen a successful return following a break due to the COVID pandemic.

In the 2021/2022 academic year, 9 events aimed at school children with disabilities from across Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire & Moray were scheduled (with 8 having taken place to date) involving more than 350 participants.

This year’s events have included swimming, athletics, trampoline, boccia, curling, Snowsports, racket sports and the ever-popular Parasport Festival.

Children, parents, carers and school staff have commented on how much the events benefit the children, particularly after such a long break, and it’s incredible to see such great turnouts to the events in spite of ongoing anxieties faced by some in returning to sport, physical activity and events.

We look forward to planning the 2022/2023 calendar in conjunction with the Grampian Active Schools teams soon!