Young people standing in a circle performing stretches

A community-led multi-sports club for teens and adults with disabilities has had a successful start.

Stonehaven Multi Sports Club, operated by Stonehaven & Portlethen Community Sports Hub and partners, has had high attendances and has achieved a number of outcomes over the last couple of months.

The Club, which started in February and is funded by the Scottish Government’s Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund, sees different activities being offered in 4-week blocks by clubs and volunteers which are tied in with the Community Sports Hub. The current 12-week pilot block is just about to end and involved Inclusive Zone Basketball with Panthers Basketball Club, Athletics with Banchory Stonehaven Athletics Club, and Sooyang Do with the local club in Stonehaven. The next 12-week block kicks off in May with 4 weeks of Cricket, racket sports and WheelPower respectively.

The sessions were designed to create opportunities for teens and young adults with disabilities in south Aberdeenshire to be active and engaged in their communities, to encourage more local sports clubs to open their doors to participants with disabilities, and to enable young people with disabilities to develop confidence.

One parent, who spoke of her son’s experience at the sessions said: “He has loved them, and been keen to go to them all, initially he wanted to got to just the basketball but enjoyed it so much he went to them all”.

To book in for the next 12-week block of the Multi Sports Club, click here.